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Welcome to NAC

New African Chapter (NAC) is a pan-african non-profit youth organization that includes active youth builders (members and volunteers) from all African countries; integrated into country (and community groups) teams. We are committed to undertaking community projects; big or small; in the effort to drive developments in Africa and in fulfilment of the African Union Agenda 2063, the African Youth Charter and United Nations Agenda 2030. These projects are created and funded by these youths with little or no dependence on external funds or support. NAC focuses on mobilizing active Africans in Africa and the Diaspora, helping them build their capacities through empowerment and integrating them based on skill and geographical location into teams to focus on community development and sustainable projects. NAC also seeks to embrace entrepreneurship as her ultimate and long-term source of funds as she grows, by creating entrepreneurial solutions to problems in Africa while adding value.

Empowered and Partnered Young People, Creating sustainable initiatives towards the rapid development of Africa.
Uniting and Empowering young people through capacity building and empirical trainings to create and execute sustainable projects, based on their skills and strength, for the development of Africa.
NAC Values Compassion Capacity building Innovation Community Development Integrity Independence Sustainability Entrepreneurship Unity
To train and raise a new generation of Africans that believes in Africa and it’s independence from all external influences through our events, publications and initiatives.
NAC was founded in February 2016 to mobilize youth all around Africa to promote the new Africa – the Africa we want; to embark on sustainable development projects and find solutions to problems in Africa through entrepreneurship.

Our Work